Cns Collective Agreement

(b) **If, on the basis of point (a), one stage in the appeal procedure is waived, no other level shall be waived, unless it is a mutual agreement. 23.20 Subject to and in accordance with section 215 of the Public Service Labour Relations Act, the Institute may bring a class action against the employer on behalf of workers in the bargaining unit who feel aggrieved by the interpretation or application of a provision of the collective agreement or an arbitration award in respect of those workers. The Technical Commission will develop all necessary agreements and documents to support the implementation of an EEIG in the next round of collective bargaining. This work shall be completed within one year of signature. During a series of periodic meetings, the Technical Commission issues preliminary recommendations for consideration by the Steering Committee on the following issues: 23.04 If it is found that the nature of the complaint is such that a decision cannot be taken below a given level of authority, one or all levels may be eliminated, unless the final level can be eliminated by an agreement between the employer and the worker; and, where appropriate, the Institute. If the employer terminates an employee, the complaint is only filed at the final level. The dates may be extended by mutual agreement between the members of the Governing Board. The terms of reference of the Technical Commission may be amended from time to time by mutual agreement between the members of the Steering Committee. Effective April 1, 2013, sections 17.01(b) and (c) are deleted from the collective agreement. Both NUREG and CNSC strive to exclude NUREG members from a specific paycheque after the collective agreement has been ratified. 2. An applicant shall sign, in accordance with paragraph 1, an agreement with the employer providing: 2.

The agreement concluded through the EEIG may not be modified by the NUREG negotiating table. (d) Where the participation of a worker in a training programme requires a significant financial investment on the part of the employer, the employer, the worker and the authorized representative of the institute may conclude an agreement laying down the conditions for the worker`s participation, including, if deemed necessary, an obligation for the worker to take a decision by mutual agreement in the service of the worker. . . .

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