Comed Interconnection Agreement

After your application has been deemed complete and the costs incurred have been paid, ComEd carries out all necessary screenings and/or studies based on the information provided as part of the application, for example. B specific location, production size and type. If necessary, ComEd will propose an interconnection agreement. Where specific systemic impact studies are required and changes to the ComEd system are necessary, the results of the study shall provide an indicative estimate of the costs of changes to the DER adaptation system. A connection is an electrical connection between the network of a distribution company and a private generation system (PGS). A PGS, also known as Distributed Generation (DG), has the ability to send energy to the supply company`s energy grid. The Illinois Board of Trade introduced 83 Illinois Code Of Administration Part 466 (Electric Interconnection of Distributed Generation Facilities) to define applications and verification procedures and standardized agreements for customers who wish to connect generators of the same or less than 10 MVA alongside the electricity distribution system of an electric utility. A full copy of Part 466 is available at the link below. Interconnection procedures are divided into four levels as follows: each connection site must be subject to a specific assessment as part of the formal interconnection process. Depending on your specific situation, ComEd`s response may require that further action be taken and/or that you incur other costs to complete the interconnection. The purpose of the Interconnection Queue report is to provide interconnection information according to the terms of ComEd`s Rider IQ tariff. The Interconnection Queue report contains the following minimum information for all distributed generation projects (except Tier 1 applications) or distributed storage resources for which a queue position has been assigned: Do you have any further questions about the connection process? For more information, see our FAQs generation or the Interconnection Process (pdf). Any questions? ComEd has gathered answers to a few frequently asked questions to provide instructions for general interconnection requests.

Each substation and feeder in which a link is established shall be identified in the reported data by a unique index number assigned for the purpose of reporting connection queue information, and not by a geographical or operational designation or description. . . .

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